This Method Of Creating “Santa’s Footprints” Doesn’t Use Sugar And Is EASY To Clean!

You may have seen the idea that leaves a trail of Santa’s footprints from the chimney to the newly-placed gifts on the tree, but many people have written it off because most methods use powdered sugar (hello, ants) or glitter (that lasts forever). This tutorial is different because it will not only be easy to clean, it will actually leave your carpet smelling better than it did the night before!The secret? Baking soda! The odor-removing properties in the baking soda will help to keep your carpet fresh, and while this mom did end up adding some glitter into her mixture, it wasn’t nearly as much as some other tutorials and vacuumed up easily.

Start by finding boots big enough to be “Santa’s.” If your kids are older (or suspicious), exchange boots with a neighbor for the night so that no curious eyes can match them to boots in your own closet. Mist the bottom of the boots with water and place the boot into a pan of baking soda.  Repeat the step for each foot print. Start at the chimney or window and guide Santa to the cookies, to the stockings, to the tree, and an exit! Being able to “track” Santa will make the holiday all the more magical…

And once the present have been opened, just get out the vacuum and clean up the mess! You can find more details here.

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