This Message-In-A-Bottle Wasn’t Found In The Ocean…But At The Top Of Mayan Ruins. The Reason Is Amazing!

He went on a cruise to see the ancient Mayan ruins. It’s a popular destination for vacations, honeymoons, and romantic getaways. There is so much history and beauty to experience, and most people prefer to go with people with whom they can share these special moments forever. When he reached the top of this ruin, however, he saw something curious…

At the top, sitting on a ledge in the shade was a bottle. It was decorated with what looked like a centerpiece from a reception hall. There was a tightly rolled piece of parchment inside as well. After taking a snapshot of the bottle, he decided to uncork it and see what was inside…he could never have expected something so incredible.


To anyone who needs hope.

My name is Katy and I am supposed to be on my honeymoon. However a week before I was supposed to marry the love of my life, my best friend, he passed away. His name was Tre and he was a funny, strong, loving and caring man who made me feel like I was the only girl in the world.

From the first time he held my hand, I knew this was the man I wanted to marry.

We wanted to see the Mayan Temple and ruins and he was very excited when we decided to go on this cruise. So [I] decided to take this journey, make this climb for him.

My words of encouragement is this, never give up, easier said than done I know but try. There’s so much life ahead and you never know when its over. Always love. There’s so much hurt and anger in this world you don’t want to leave this world without love in your heart. Always be yourself and laugh, because the one for you will always love you truly for who you are and will never make you feel as if you have to change anything.

The one for you will always make you feel special like royalty. But remember, you need to feel and be the same way to that person as well. That’s respect. Who ever finds this letter, I pray you find or have found that kind of love. That love that brings out the best in you that makes you a better person. And for anyone that has found that love and lost it, keep loving others, don’t let the love die, try to laugh. Always live life.

Love always,

The Almost Katy Kraus.”













Signing that letter for the first and last time as “The Almost Katy Kraus” had to be the hardest part to write about that entire letter. She was so close to her happiness only to have it suddenly ripped away. I am glad that she decided to continue on with her honeymoon cruise – for Tre’s sake! He would not want her to waste her time on Earth. He would have wanted her to experience life to the fullest. He would have been proud that she climbed this ruin in his honor, and I hope that she can continue to find happiness in even the most unexpected places.

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