This Mercedes Parked In TWO Parking Spots. These Jeep Owners Got PERFECT Revenge.

The guys behind The_RoughJeep on Instagram decided to show the world what can happen when a person decides to choose a selfish route in life instead of caring about the people around them.

In this scenario, a Mercedes owner parked in two spaces – presumably to stop people from scratching his car – in a crowded parking lot. The guys took their time parking the Jeeps as close to the car as possible and wedged the driver in with precision.
When the driver arrived, he had no way to get into his car! The doors wouldn’t open far enough and the owners were nowhere in sight. He only had one choice……To crawl in through the back hatch!It turns out that the video was actually a stunt to show what might happen if you disregard the unwritten rules of parking etiquette, and the Mercedes driver was watching the whole time to be sure that no car doors were scratched in the making of this hilarious video.

People thought it was great. They’ve always wanted to get petty revenge on people who double-park…especially during busy times like the holidays or at crowded shopping centers! Seeing it happen made them laugh, and the video was quickly shared, gaining over 100,000,000 views!

The next time you think about double parking…beware! This might be what happens!

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