This Mechanic Is Upset About Their Salary Differences, But This Surgeon Knew EXACTLY What To Say! FUNNY!

You know that phrase. “Time is money.” It’s true – and in our society, money makes the world go ’round. When we spend our time working, we expect to be paid for it, and when that paycheck doesn’t feel like enough, we can end up feeling like we have been wasting out time. It’s a frustrating cycle but we continue to do it, day in and day out. Well, this mechanic felt like he wasn’t getting paid enough. In his mind, he was doing work that was just as complicated as this heart surgeon! But when the end of the week came around, his paycheck wasn’t nearly as fruitful as the surgeons. When he decided to have THIS conversation, he quickly realized the difference!


While being a mechanic does take an awful lot of skill, this surgeon has a point. A mechanic would probably get paid a LOT more if the car was running while it was being fixed! My dad was a mechanic growing up, so I know all too well the long hours, the hard work, and the vast amount of knowledge that goes into the trade…but could he do it with the car still running? Probably not. Surgeon: 1, Mechanic: 0.

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