This Marathon Couple Redefined The Term “Relationship Goals!” Their Story Is Perfect!

Joe and Kay celebrated their 80th birthdays in a style that most people wouldn’t think was “fun.” They ran a marathon. The date also happened to coincide with their 57th wedding anniversary, so the two had a LOT to celebrate! The couple ran the marathon together with an impressive time (being the first across the finish line in their age group), and held hands for the last half-mile, coming across the line together! In an incredible 5 hours and 23 minutes, they made headlines.7.5a12

30 years ago, in 1986, Joe and Kay completed that London marathon, holding hands for the last half-mile when they were 50-years-old (although in that marathon, they finished in 4 hours and 4 minutes).7.5a11

It all started when their son began complaining about his rugby practices. The coaches would make them practice, rain or shine, and he hated it. His parents told him that he couldn’t ever let the weather get in his way, and began to join him at the ages of 49. They found that they enjoyed the running, and continued running from that moment on.

Kay’s best ever marathon was run in 3 hours and 35 minutes in 1993.

They joined running clubs and made friends, and Kay has completed 113 marathons since she began, while Joe has joined in 29 of them. They prefer to run separately, but for this marathon, they couldn’t help but celebrate such a milestone together!

It’s easier to run with a group, they say, because it helps to encourage each other across the finish line. Running alone just isn’t the same.

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