This Mansion Is Worth $18.5 Million…But He’ll Let It Go For $6 Million. No One Wants To Buy It.

After a nasty bankruptcy case, 50 Cent has agreed to pay $23.4 million to his creditors to settle his debt over the course of 5 years. That sounds a little insane to most of us who live paycheck to paycheck, but hey, what can you do? He has reorganized his finances, and one of the things he has done is put his enormous mansion on the market.7.22a11

The Connecticut mansion is 50,000 square-feet. It has 19 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, 16 half-bathrooms, an indoor pool, an indoor hot tub, an actual night club (whaaat?), a court, several game rooms, a green screen room, a recording studio, and a kitchen that could probably fit my entire apartment.7.22a6

Even with all of these fully furnished rooms, the house sat on the market for nearly a year. During the fall, he lowered the price to $8.5 million, but still had no interest from anyone. 7.22a12At last, he has lowered the price to $5.995 million and hopes that someone will take it off of his hands. Take a look at a few snapshots of the place, and you’ll wonder why no one wants to live there – it’s gorgeous!7.22a5

For that price, 20 best friends could band together and become roommates, buying a room for $285,000 a piece. Probably.
7.22a7Just look at all of this space! And that golden uplighting is to die for.7.22a4The bathroom looks like it has been carved out of a mountain.7.22a8 Care to view a movie in style? It could use a few more chairs.
7.22a9 This pool has a built-in grotto!
7.22a10So, are you interested?


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