This Man’s Engagement Surprise Is A “Tale As Old As Time!”

When he decided to ask Cara to marry him, he knew that he needed to make the moment as special as possible. They were best friends, and he knew that her favorite princess was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. He wanted to recreate a famous scene that would capture the magic of the moment and bring his proposal to the next level.

So, he purchased yards and yards of yellow fabric and (with the help of a few people) got to work.

This is how the project began, in a basement with a cheap sewing machine and a dream. And coffee. Lots of coffee.”

Sewing was the problem – it was straightforward – but sewing “well” was tougher than he expected!
He finished the gown with 30 minutes to spare and met the love of his life at a large library at the university! She tried it on…and it fit!He got down on one knee as music from the movie played in the background! She said yes, and they danced together in a huge library. This is a proposal that she will never forget! He even dressed as similarly to the Beast as he could! While he didn’t have time to make himself a costume, we think he did a pretty great job!

How’s this for a proposal story?!

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