This Man Was Watching His Wife Mow Their Lawn. The Truth Behind It Is Heartwarming!

Driving by, people may have thought something strange was going on. While she was pushing the lawnmower across their yard, her husband was walking slowly alongside her, just watching.

Shouldn’t he be helping?” People asked, before discovering the incredible reason for it.

This married couple, Jessica and Ryan, supports each other whenever and wherever they need a helping hand. “For better or for worse” was a daily part of their lives.

Ryan’s kidney is failing and now undergoes dialysis three times each week while waiting for a kidney donation. The fact that his life has changed so drastically in the past few months doesn’t mean that his mindset has. As a police officer and active member of his community, he strives to do the right thing as often as possible.

On this hot July afternoon, he decided to cut his grass. Unfortunately, his body just couldn’t keep up with his mind, and he began to show signs of exhaustion.
But he wasn’t happy about it when Jessica came outside and forced him to relinquish his lawn mower! He was tired, but he was determined to finish. So, they compromised and he walked beside her. She didn’t mow the lawn very often, and he wasn’t used to watching her do something that he was used to doing…but they finished the task in no time.

Their neighbor took this picture as a message to others, to take heart in the loyalty and support that these two were displaying, “in sickness and in health.”

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