This Man Was Spotted Carrying A Coffin On His Head. What He Told The Policeman Gave Him NIGHTMARES!

People do some pretty outrageous things for work everyday. Some dress up in silly costumes and dance on street corners to advertise their company and some people work from dawn until well past dusk in order to build their client base. Business owners know that it takes a lot of effort to grow a company from a start-up into an empire, and sometimes the journey can look a bit…strange to those of us on the outside. This police officer found this out the hard way when he saw THIS guy walking down the street!


With all of the commotion, I doubt this police officer was expecting an answer like that! This joke is short, but it’s the funniest thing I’ve read today! After lugging this coffin down the street for such a long time, I bet he didn’t look as neat as when he started either! What a shock!

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