This Man Was Ready To Give Up On Life…Until An 11-Year-Old Boy Stood Up To Him And Said THIS!

When times get hard, it can seem impossible to bounce back. Things get complicated, people give up on you, bills pile up, and life feels like an uphill struggle every single second of every single day. Giving up feels like the best option. Just drop everything. The job, the bills, the house…some people even dream of running off to live in the woods and leave the world behind! What do you do, once you start to feel overwhelmed? In this man’s case, it took the kind words of a young boy to put everything back into perspective…


Dear Sir,

You just made my day! I have gone through so much pain lately I didn’t think I could continue or keep working. [Because] of you and your kind words I know there is hope. Do good in school and follow the rules. When you are my age you will be glad you did. You are a great person.

Thank you,



Even when his life seemed impossible, he was still able to find hope in his darkest moments. These parents didn’t prompt their son to speak to the man. They didn’t even realize the man was there. This just goes to show you that kids are always learning and paying attention to our own actions. I hope they bought him an ice cream after this wonderful encounter!

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