This Man Was Blocking The Isle And She HAD To Share What She Overheard On The Phone!

The old tv trope is that “the wife” sends “the husband” out for something simple at the store, and he comically forgets what she sent him out for, coming home with not only the wrong item, but something so far off base that the audience laughs at his incompetence. Decades ago, it was a joke at the expense of “the happy couple”, but decades later, we praise the moments like this, such as the one witnessed by Brittney Johnson in her local beauty supply store.

Johnson overheard the man on the phone, and her story went viral.

This man was looking so hard for the EXACT Olive colored nail polish that she wanted. ‘I got this, I got this, I’ll be home in a bit.’

Then he took a picture and sent it to her and she called to help him. He says, ‘Ok, so I sent you the pic. Is that the right one? You want to know the colors close to it? You just want all three colors?’


He wasn’t giving up because he knew that it mattered to the person on the other end of the phone. It was confusing, and frustrating, but he had someone to fight for.

Effort. Showing someone that whatever is special to them means something to you because they want it, or need it, or just really like it.
Putting yourself a little out of your comfort zone.

Letting yourself feel foolish sometimes for the sake of making your girl (or man) happy.

It’s still so cool to me, the idea of romance… not being flowers and cards and candy, but being time and proof that you’ve actually listened. The support of the things that set that person’s soul on fire. Marrying your best friend, being all for ONE person, that’s still pretty cool!

Don’t settle for less than that y’all. Somebody, somewhere, will love you enough to go shopping alone for your favorite nail polish.”

There might not be an absolute answer to what makes “the perfect relationship,” but we’ll guess that something like this is pretty high on that list.

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