This Man Was Attacked By His Girlfriend On The Subway, But His Response Stunned Everyone On Board!!

Finding out who someone is can be heart breaking. You think you know someone until something tragic or stressful happens, and that is when their true personality leaks through. Normally, we find more about someone while we are dating them. We fight, go through life together, and if we discover that we don’t like who they are, we can break up with them and find someone new to spend our time with. But what if you were in THIS situation in a very public place? Everyone expected this man to react in a certain way, but what he actually said stunned the entire car.


Wow. This man knows what is really important in life and he wasn’t afraid to lose everything in order to save what was the most important to him in their relationship: his son. The fact that his girlfriend left the child with him while she stormed off shows a lot about who she is as a person more so than him. Whatever problems they had been having were now coming out, and although we will never know what happened after this moment, we do know that this man made a choice on the subway that he will never regret.

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