This Man Stood In Freezing Weather To Salute For One Stunning Reason

In years past, it was customary to show respect for a funeral procession. Nowadays, many people whiz by a procession as if they didn’t have a care in the world, ignoring the line altogether or failing to show any respect. Maybe they were never taught, or maybe they just don’t care. But one man’s picture went viral and reminded us all that the respect is still out there.

When the Hogan family suddenly said goodbye to their father, retired St. Richard Hogan, they were devastated. It was an ordinary Monday and his passing was a shock. When the funeral had been arranged, the brisk weather had everyone in an even worse mood. But then, they noticed a complete stranger who pulled over, got out of his truck, and stood to salute the passing line of cars with respect.

He stood in the freezing temperature and showed such reverence and respect to our family and to my father during his last ride. It was something that touched all who witnessed it. We later found out his name is Keith Quinlan. What a great show of respect from this man.”

The family shared the picture online and thousands of people immediately found peace in the image. Many claim that they probably wouldn’t expect this out of the people in their own hometowns…but hope that by sharing the story, more people will respect like they did “back when,” and have been sure to teach their children in the hopes that this level of respect might once again become a normal thing.

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