This Man Spent $35,000 On Painful Surgeries To Transform Into An Elf. The Results Are SHOCKING.

A man from Buenos Aires, Luis Padron, had been bullied his entire life for being “different.” He never felt like he fit in anywhere, but as the years passed, he decided that trying to be like the people around him was doing more harm than good. Eventually, he decided that embracing his differences would be easier than trying to hide them. Slowly but surely, he is trying to reach his goal: to look other wordly. As an elf, a genderless alien, maybe even just “nondescript being,” he’s going for it as hard as he can.

Skin bleaching, eye coloring, bleached hair, pointed ears, even reconstruction surgery to his face…nothing is off-limits!

The painful procedures allow him to express himself, and for that, he’s gained a lot of attention.
Reportedly, his “upkeep” costs several thousand dollars every few months. Fillers, injections, bleaching – even full-body waxing! It may seem strange to a lot of people, but his followers (all 25,000 of them!) love to watch him follow his dreams. He inspires them to do what makes them happy in life, even if it might seem strange to everyone else.

Don’t let others who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.” He writes.

Feeling good about each day, waking up and trying your best – that is what he hopes people will learn as his story goes viral.

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