THIS Man Robbed A Local Animal Shelter! When They Found Out, The Community Came Together And Did Something Incredible!

This non-profit shelter were stunned when they came to work one Monday morning. The night before, their security cameras caught a particularly disgusting man breaking in to their stock room and carrying out large bags of dog food. The scum took his sweet time, waddling out with bag after bag of food that was meant for the animals of the shelter. He carried out 65 bags of food, leaving only one small bag of cat food behind.

The pet food collected at this shelter is donated to food pantries, families that can’t always afford to feed their pets, and the elderly who might not have enough money for their pets. The terrible human being stole from the poorest of the poor, leaving their animals to potentially starve.

After they released surveillance video of the robbery and shared the story on social media, people were coming from all over town to drop off extra bags of food! The community came together and by the end of the day, the rescue was filled to the brim with food and treats!

The shelter has started to donate its surplus to other shelters nearby, and people have been calling in to donate! They even had 10 times the amount of people coming in to adopt pets.

People have been coming up with some pretty crazy theories of their own for why this thief would target a food pantry. Whether it was to hoard away for his own animals (unlikely), to feed animals at a puppy mill (more likely), or to feed the dogs that fight in their “secret and illegal nefarious underground dog fighting pit” (most likely, according to one comment),┬áit takes a particularly nasty sort of person to steal from a non-profit shelter in the first place. Unconfirmed reports even place a man standing outside of supermarkets trying to sell pet food to passersby, but until they catch the man, they are at a loss. These are just rumors of course, but the comment section of the post have hundreds of theories as to why this jerk would steal food from little defenseless animals.

Animal lovers everywhere hope that they catch him soon!

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