This Man “Kidnaps” Her Cell Phone On The Train, But What He Does With It Is SO RARE!

The original Facebook post that is going VIRAL is in Hebrew. This is the translated version below.

When you overhear someone having a hard time, most of us might listen in out of curiosity, but many of us wouldn’t do much to help…especially if the thing the stranger needed was $500! But one stranger heard this exchange between a frustrated soldier and a cold and unfeeling electrical company. He decided that he didn’t like what he was hearing. 

Friends, meet the angel, Ophir YItchak, the man who doesn’t have A Facebook but has the biggest soul I’ve ever met!

Today, as part of my regular routine, I get on the train that leaves the Lod station at 4:27 PM on the way back home from the base. I sit down by the window, put in my earphones, and I begin unwinding after my day’s work, when suddenly I’m hearing a conversation from a young woman, a soldier like me, who subsists on a soldier’s salary, and an only child of a single mother. And she’s begging the electric company not to disconnect her electricity at home until the 28th, when her mother receives her Social Security pension (The mother is an invalid who subsists solely on this pension.). And they, as usual, are indifferent, And disconnected the electricity. Meanwhile, she’s crying hysterically —

And then suddenly, an angel appears out of nowhere, “Kidnaps” her phone, pays out of his own pocket her sizable debt of NIS1950.00 [Roughly $500.00], and gives her the confirmation number. And, he did it with great love, so this young woman could regain her peace.

A man of action, humility, and the biggest heart I’ve ever seen.

I get off the train filled with hope and faith in people. There are still a few good ones who do for others without the expectation of anything in return. I was left with an open mouth and wordless, and filled with a sense of pride for being part of this nation that helps another in their time of need!”


This kind heart, this beautiful man, this fellow human being, heard another in distress and decided to help. We don’t know his story. We don’t know if he is also struggling to make ends meet. We have no idea if he is secretly a millionaire who likes to ride on trains. What we do know is that he has a heart that is truly incredible. He heard someone in need and rushed to save them – without a moment of hesitation. What a beautiful soul!

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