This Man Didn’t Get The Job Because He Never Bothered To Create An E-Mail. When He Explains His Reasoning, It Makes So Much Sense!

Do you have an email address? Probably – most people need one for just about everything. It’s a way to keep track of your affairs without having to leave home to post a letter. You can view pictures of the kids and grand kids for birthday parties and events that you couldn’t attend. You need one to sign up for Facebook, and good luck trying to order anything online without one!

This story isn’t about having an email. This story is about not having an email in a world that can no longer comprehend what it means to be disconnected from the internet.


This man has a point. If he had taken that job at minimum wage (granted, this story is clearly several years old), he would never had made such a successful business in selling tomatoes. By working closely with the local farmers and slowly expanding each time he made a decent profit, this man built a small empire that will sustain his family much better than he could have on minimum wage. It isn’t about working harder anymore – it’s about working smarter. When life hands you tomatoes, build a tomato empire!

…Okay, well that’s not the phrase, but it’s still some pretty great advice!

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