This Man Came Running Up Behind An Old Lady…But What He Did Had Everyone In The Store Impressed!

Too often we find ourselves judging others by what they choose to wear or how they appear to us. We might not know a single thing about them, but one piece of clothing, hairstyle, or even the car that they drive can cause us to make a snap decision and we feel as if we “know” them. We don’t, not really, but we choose to let that one instant judgment affect how we talk to them anyway. This story is proof that being judgmental will get you nowhere in life…and may even hold you back from different opportunities!


…’I’m taking your picture’ and sharing this story so people can see that true kindness still exists…”2.16c2

Who knows what could have prompted him to want to purchase the items for the older woman. Maybe he had seen her do something kind for someone else, or maybe he was just “paying it forward” because someone had recently done the same for him! He went very far out of his way to help this woman, so much so that he ran to beat her to the register in order to buy her snacks! Let this story inspire you to do something kind for someone else today…and remember not to judge a book by its cover!

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