This Magical Ice Maze In Poland Is 100 Times Better Than Any Other Maze Ever

Standing at a dizzying 9 feet tall, the incredible maze has gone viral simply for being so impressive. You may have participated in maze-solving through bales of hay or rows of corn…but a maze made of ice is something else! This labyrinth of ice sprawls over a shocking 2,500 square meters and each towering, perfect wall makes it impossible to cheat by jumping to get a sneak peak! The maze lives in Zakopane, Poland, and has become a hot spot for tourists who want to try and solve it for themselves! So, how does someone solve such a maze? You’ll quickly lose your direction, and its been built to be relatively confusing. Different branches lead to dead ends, some of them circle around, and others end abruptly without warning.

You could solve it thanks to some awesome aerial footage, but trying to solve it on the ground is a lot tougher! Getting from the beginning to the end without getting lost a few times is all a part of the fun!
The maze is made of ice, however, so remember to bring a warm coat! The ice absorbs a lot of sound, so when you get farther in, it becomes incredibly magical! Would you be able to solve this ice maze?

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