This Magical Door Just Made $650k For One Clever Mom!

Sally is a designer from Australia who had an idea. While most of us might think of something cute, actually getting around to making it a reality is another story. But, Sally didn’t let her idea fade away during everyday life. In fact, she went forward and didn’t stop until she landed the deal of a lifetime.

It’s called ‘Lil Fairy Door, and it is making dream come true in bedrooms everywhere! Or at least…it will be soon! It attaches to the wall for fairies to use, and at night they travel back and forth leaving special notes and gifts for well-behaved children!7.8a3But in order to bring her product to stores in the United States, she needed an investment. She went to the show, Shark Tank Australia, and pitched her idea to a panel of investors. They ALL wanted in and loved her idea! They competed with each other for a chance to work with the creative mom, and she walked away with $650,000  in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.7.8a4

The results have been stunning. Parents send their letters to the owner of the company with incredible stories. Children are able to receive gifts from parents who are away on business, encouraged to sleep in their “big kid” beds, tidy up after themselves, and the child’s joy at finding a fairy door in their bedroom after having been good when mom asked.

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing, and keeping it alive while teaching them to make good choices in life is made a little easier with this cute invention!

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