This Luxury Apartment Tower Has A Pool On The Roof…But Wait Until You See The BOTTOM!

Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas is making waves with their rooftop pool…but not simply because it happens to be on the actual roof. No this pool has a terrifying feature that is not for the faint of heart! It’s beautiful, has a wonderful view…and also happens to be terrifying for people with a fear of heights.

Big cities like to keep things interesting by trying out new features and pushing the limits of what people might enjoy. This one went far. About 10 feet too far, if you ask some.

Do you see that little lip facing the city? That’s the thing that has people talking.
Nicknamed “sky pool” by just about everyone, the ledge juts out a whopping 10 feet off the side of the building! The plexiglass floor is 8 inches thick and lets swimmers see directly below – about 500 feet – to the street.


The view is just too much for some people. While the safety of the feature has been assured, this makes many people nervous…and that’s the point! Want to spice up your swimming trip? Take a deep breath and swim on top of the city!

Would YOU visit this pool?

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