This Lost Dog Was “Booked” By The Police, And His Mug Shot Is Adorable!

Little Willow escaped from her home and was found by the Tarpon Springs Police Department in Florida. She had shaken off her tags, but they could tell that she was someone’s pet by her cleanliness and overall demeanor. They knew that someone would be looking for her, so they decided to keep her in police custody until her rightful owners could come to the station and bail her out.

Their normal mugshots don’t start from the ground, so Willow had to be held up in order to get her mug shots taken. She was upset at being caught red-handed! Or…red-pawed?7.20a10They took her “prints” and typed out her name to make it all official. She was now guilty of the crime…of being ADORABLE! They spread the word about the local pup being at the station, and the owners eventually learned where their beloved pooch was hiding and came to pick her up.7.20a11If the police ever have to book their pup again, it’ll mean some big trouble! And, you know, probably some treats and a good scratch behind the ears. It’s nice to see a police department with a sense of humor and a willingness to have fun within their communities. Little Willow is now safe and sound!

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