This Long-Haired Bunny Is Famous On Instagram…You Can See Why!

Molly lives in Massachusetts and has a lively pet that has become an internet sensation…a long-haired rabbit that just doesn’t quit. This bunny is a star, and his long, flowing mane and perfectly manicured paws are the darling of Instagram! His name is Wally, and he even went to school with Molly – sleeping on her bookshelf and keeping her company during those long nights of studying. In her spare time, Molly took pictures of her floppy-eared companion, and the pictures went viral! It isn’t often that you see one of these incredible creatures out and about, being adorable for the camera!He knows that he’s loved! He “flops” onto his side when he wants some belly rubs or attention. He poses when the camera is out (probably because of the aforementioned rubs!) and loves to hop around in the tall grass! Nibbling on stems and munching on leaves, his days are filled with happiness and adventure.There is a not-so-glamorous side to Wally that most people wouldn’t get to see…but Molly shares those moments right alongside the adorable ones. Eating crushed leaves from the dirty fur beneath his paws, scratching himself with broken twigs, digging in the dirt and getting messy reminds his fans that he is still an animal and has a “real” side, just like the rest of us.But posing with the peonies is why we love to look at his adorable furry face, so Molly makes sure to include a lot of precious moments for us to enjoy! Look at how cute he is!

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