This “Lonely Grandpa” Is Breaking Hearts – And People Want To ADOPT Him!

Abigail Crewe was out shopping with her 4-month-old daughter and her sister in the UK. They were in the toy isle when an old man approached them. He was a bit disheveled, but he seemed nice enough, so Abigail indulged him in polite conversation.

The man was enamored with her baby daughter, making a fuss and making faces until the baby smiled. He walked with them through the isles, but when they reached the Christmas gift section, he reached into his wallet and pulled out some cash. He pointed to a row of Disney plushies and insisted on purchasing a Minnie Mouse doll for her daughter.

Abigail denied his offer, but the man wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and instead began to tell her his story…11-23a318 months ago, he lost his wife. He didn’t have a family of his own anymore, and his wife absolutely adored the Mickey Mouse characters. All he wanted to do this year was purchase a Christmas gift for someone, and he wanted to buy that small Minnie Mouse doll for the adorable baby he had met in the store.

Abigail’s heart broke for him and agreed, allowing him to buy the doll for her daughter. When her daughter grows up, she plans to tell her the story of the kind old man who wanted to share Christmas joy with a stranger.

But now, people want to know who this man is and how they can help. They want to invite them to their homes, share the holidays with him, and include him in their family celebrations. The search is on, and hopefully, someone will find him very soon!

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