This Local Celebrity Dog Has Her Own Bus Pass And Takes Herself To The Dog Park

The residents who live near a local dog park can tell you that seeing a lone black Labrador riding their bus isn’t such an unusual sight! Her name is Eclipse and she has become a local celebrity among the residents of Seattle.

She loves to go to the dog park and sometimes her owner takes too long to get out of the house and finish his cigarette before their regular bus arrives. When this happens, she hops on board without even waiting for him! It happens so regularly that he has even attached a bus pass to her collar in case she ever wants to go somewhere without him.The dog park is four blocks away, and although she can’t pull the cord to tell the driver that she wants to stop, everyone knows that she’s headed to the dog park! Sometimes, people will pull the cord for her – other times, she’ll give the driver a little yip to remember to stop at her park!

Her owner will usually follow on the next bus. If he happens to be at work when she escapes to the park, nearby neighbors will bring her back home when she’s done playing with her dog friends.

While dogs aren’t normally allowed on public transport, Eclipse is well behaved and so far hasn’t received any complaints!

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