This Little Soup Shop Is Helping The Public Feed Their Homeless With A Neat Idea

It’s called The Soup Place and it feeds the homeless in Melbourne, Australia with the help of their generous customers. Will the trend catch on? We’re excited to see. As the story goes viral, more and more people are suggesting the shop’s idea to their own local businesses, and we can only hope that it becomes a regular part of society.11-9a4No matter who needs a hot bowl of soup, if there is a sticky-note available, there is a bowl of soup. Customers at The Soup Place pay for a regular bowl of soup for $7.50 and have the option to purchase a second bowl for $3.50 which will be saved until a homeless person or someone in need comes to claim it. The notes have inspiring messages and encouraging phrases like “keep you head up,” and “stay strong” 11-9a5The idea is so popular in the area that the shop has enough stockpiled notes to feed their regular homeless crowd for the next six months. Some critics worry that too many people will catch wind of the situation and take advantage of a free meal, but the shop isn’t worried. They have faith that people will only ask for the meal if they are truly in need.

They got the idea from a pizzaria that allows patrons to order an extra slice for a homeless person. The idea was thoughtful and genuine, and they knew that something like that would really help their community. Hopefully, more shops will start to do the same in cities all around the country.


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