This Little Seal Pup Held Still For A Photograph…And Then WAVED “Hello!”

Alexy Trofimov had been attempting to capture a picture of a seal pup for three years with no success, but the 45-year-old photographer wasn’t going to give up so easily. Finally, on Lake Baikal in Russia, he spotted the seals he had been following.

He began by taking photographs from a large distance, but instead of getting frightened and fleeing, the seal pup was curious instead of overly cautious.

I was happy to be able to capture such a rare picture, seals are very cautious and easily frightened so it is difficult to photograph them,” he said. “If a seal pup is not too scared, they will begin to become curious about you and this is what this seal was doing. It was a very rare and special moment.”

He isn’t able to drive or sail close to the seals – he must travel on foot – and it makes these expeditions very difficult.11-16a6But the pup was very interested in the human with a camera, inching closer and stopping every now and again, allowing Trofimov to capture the precious moments on film.11-16a7Pictures of seal pups are incredibly rare, and these images are breathtaking. He was so close to the animal, that he began to gain its trust. He was able to take many photographs without startling the animal. Most seals are very shy, but this one was friendly, trusting…and adorable!


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