This Little Girl Wants EVERY K-9 To Have Bulletproof Vests So Badly, She Sent This Letter To The Police Department…As A Part Of Something Incredible!

Without thinking twice, little Allison write this letter addressed “Dear Police department,” and shocked everyone who read it. This little girl had seen the story about K-9 Jethro, who had been shot and killed in a shootout. She couldn’t bear the thought of another loyal dog losing his life due to the bullets being fired by criminals.


Dear Police department,

I [sic] sorry about Jethro. So here is my allowance for the bullet proof vests. God bless you and the dogs.


Allison, Age 11″

They were touched to receive such a generous donation, and so were thousands of other people! They started a fundraiser for bulletproof dog vests in order to protect their brave K-9s. They planned for only $10,000 to be donated, but so far, over $38,000 has been raised for the dogs!

With this money, each dog will have a custom fitted vest to keep them safe when they are on duty. These dogs do a lot to aid the officers that work side-by-side with them everyday, and many people agree that the animals should have just as much protection as their human partners.

In case the death of Jethro makes you sad, the man accused of firing the fatal shot faces up to 57 years in prison for his crimes. While this is a sad story, it is also a hopeful one. Out of this terrible incident, many dogs will have access to equipment that will keep them safer than ever while they in turn keep their communities safe, too!

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