This Little Girl Tried To Help Her Neighbor In The Only Way She Knew How. Oh, The Sweetness Of A 6-Year-Old!

Hopefully, you’ve never had to teach a child about death. Sadly, many of us have. It’s a tough subject to explain to a young child, especially when they have such an optimistic view of the world. Taking that away seems a shame, but sadly it is a part of life that we all need to come to terms with sooner or later. One mother found herself facing the subject much too soon, but was surprised at her daughter’s solution!

“Mom, what are you doing?” asked Susie.

“I’m making a casserole for Mrs Smith next door,” said her mother.

“Why?” asked Susie, who was only six years old.

“Because Mrs Smith is very sad; she lost her daughter and she has a broken heart.  We need to take care of her for a little while.”

“Why, Mom?”

“You see, Susie, when someone is very, very said, they have trouble doing the little things like making dinner or other chores.  Because we’re part of a community and Mrs Smith is our neighbor we need to do some things to help her.  Mrs Smith won’t ever be able to talk with her daughter or hug her do all those wonderful things that mum and daughters do together. You are a very smart girl, Susie; maybe you’ll think of some way to help take care of Mrs Smith.”

When they delivered the casserole, Susie noticed that Mrs Smith didn’t have that familiar musical quality about her voice when she greeted someone. Mrs Smith also looked as though she might have been crying because her eyes were watery and swollen.

“What can I do for you Susie?” asked Mrs Smith, surprised to see the little girl twice in one day.

“My mom says that you lost your daughter and you’re very, very said with a broken heart,” Susie held her hand out shyly. In it was a Band-Aid.

“This is for your broken heart,” Susie said, holding out the little bandage.

Mrs Smith gasped, choking back her tears. She knelt down and hugged Susie. Through her tears she said, “Thank you, darling girl, this will help a lot.”

Mrs Smith accepted Susie’a act of kindness and took it one step further. She purchased a small key ring with a plexiglass picture frame – the ones designed to carry keys and proudly display a family portrait at the same time. Mrs Smith placed Susie’s Band-Aid in the frame to remind herself to heal a little every time she sees it.

Even in the face of death, this little girl still didn’t lose her optimism! She was able to see the bright side…even though she may not have fully understood why. If something is broken, fix it! And that’s just what Bandages are for.

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