This Little Girl Is Angry At Kid’s Clothing Lines And Tells TESCO To “Try Again”

Daisy Edmonds is 8 years old and lives in Wiltshire County, UK. She was shopping with her mom, Becky, at Tesco one day after her martial arts class when she became angry at the options for girls. She got so upset that she asked her mom to film. She had something to say to Tesco, and she wanted them to know just how unfair their clothing line was. Mom agreed. She had posted videos like this before, but they had only been viewed a few times by family and friends…she had no idea that this time, the video would be viewed nearly two million times.

It’s unfair because everyone thinks that girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous. I think that is wrong. Why should boys and girls clothes even be separated? Because we’re just as good as each other.” Daisy began.

But she wasn’t done.

The boys get [shirts that say] ‘think outside the box’…go on your adventures, let nothing stop you, go for your dreams…”


And the girls get ‘hey!’ What part of ‘hey’ is great? What does that mean? What does that inspire you to do?”

10-4a3Since the video has gone viral, Becky has received a lot of praise for her daughter’s viewpoints. Unfortunately, she has also received a lot of hatred, causing her to write a response to people who say she should just “buy the boys top” and that “feeling fabulous is fine.”

Daisy doesn’t think that climbing trees, exploring, or liking science ISN’T ‘girlie,’ and she would also 100% say that dancing and playing with dolls shouldn’t only be for girls…it’s the GENERAL sense of ‘adventure is boys, nail polish and unicorns is for girls’ that we think is out dated.” Becky wrote.

Tesco responded.


Daisy hopes that, one day, there won’t be a divide between boys and girls. She hopes that a “children’s” section will allow kids to pick and choose anything that they want without judgment on what they “should” like according to their gender. Other commenters have noted that if this wasn’t already an issue, the video wouldn’t have gone viral in the first place.

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