This Little Boy Is A Genius! His Teacher Couldn’t Stop Laughing When She Read THIS Paper About His Grandparents!

This teacher wanted her students to write their favorite things about their grandparents. Not only was it a good exercise to practice writing their first paper, it would be a wonderful keepsake for their parents and grandparents! She had meant their papers to reveal what their grandparents meant to them, but this little boy wrote about how ALL grandparents should be – modeled after his own perfect grandparents, of course! This is too cute, and this is definitely how I remember my grandparents!


From a kid’s perspective, “grandma’s house” is a wonderful place full of presents and cake and candy. Well, that was my perspective, anyway! I only got to see my grandparents during the holidays, so when I remember going to grandma’s house, I remember the frost on the windows. I remember waking up to freshly baked biscuits and home made syrup, I remember going to the candy store and being able to pick out 3 things just for me! The lights on her Christmas tree were a rainbow of colors – not like the boring white lights at mom’s house – and the hundreds of little figurines dancing around the shelves and tables!

I think this kid has the right idea. I hope that I can reach these standards when I finally get to become a grandma! This kid is too funny!

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