This Life Hack Creates The PERFECT Bow EVERY Time! I Wish I Had Learned This Sooner!

Making bows is a cute way to personalize a card or a gift. We tie bows fairly often on our shoes or to keep things closed, but how often do you find yourself tying a bow for a present or decoration? Honestly, I never pay attention to how the bows on my sneakers ends up looking. I only really care that they keep my shoes secure, or keep a bag closed. When I go to tie a bow on a gift, however, I quickly realize that my skills might not be as good as I thought they were…

Here’s how you’re supposed to tie a proper bow. Grab the two ends, magically flip them together, and AMAZING you should have a perfect bow! …Right? Anybody?


Yes, you may have followed each and every step, but your bow ends up looking a little bit…well…like this. It will do, but it’s not perfect. The ends point in the wrong directions and somehow one of the bows ended up inside-out?! Why does making cute little bows have to be so difficult? It’s harder to try and make a bow out of one single piece of ribbon. The bow is supposed to magically support itself without twisting or turning in odd directions, but mine always seem to stray from how a bow is supposed to look. In the end I just curl some extra ribbon and tape it on the box, hoping that no one will look too closely and the malformed ribbon underneath. Hey, I tried, right?


Worry no more, citizens! Some clever people out on the internet somewhere has come up with a fool-proof way to get PERFECT bows every single time – they’re here to save the day! Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary, or just a quick “I’m thinking about you” gift, give it some flair with cute little bows! I like to stick them in cards. It gives the gift a little something extra, and it takes no time at all!

Seriously, this method is so easy. Look.

First, wrap a ribbon around a fork. Yeah, it’s that easy. Ta-da!


Second, take the piece of ribbon from the BACK of the fork and slip it over the front through that middle slit in the prongs. Take a second to really look at it. It makes sense, I promise. You’re just threading it through the middle prongs to create the “bow” part of your bow.11.17n

Third, take the ribbon that is on the right and pull it up and over through that same middle prong. See how it didn’t actually move? You just brought it through the same middle prong OVER the ribbon you just threaded through the prongs. They’re hugging. Cute.


Fourth (and finally!), flip your fork over and tie a knot. That’s it. Both of the ends will be through the SAME slit in the prongs above and below the ribbon. When you tie these together into a knot, they will secure the entire thing, leaving you with a perfect bow!


Now all you need to do is slide the bow off of the fork and trim the ribbon to fit whatever it is you’re doing! Glue the tiny bow to a card, or use a bigger salad fork to create larger bows. You can even make your own makeshift fork using popsicle sticks. As long as your item has a space in the middle it will work. A fork is the easiest, but people use combs, grills, and anything they can get their hands on. Try this cool bow hack the next time you need to make something “cute!”

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