This Library Was SHOCKED To Receive A Book Return…67 Years Late!

This public library in Auckland, New Zealand lent a book called Myths and Legends of Maoriland to A. W. Reed in December of 1948. She was a child at the time, and when she moved from New Zealand, she accidentally packed the book in with her things and took it along with her. 5.2a30Decades later, she found the book and realized that she needed to return it…and hoped that they wouldn’t impose the late fee of one penny for every day that the book was late! (roughly 24,000 pennies!) 5.2a31The library was thrilled to find the book in wonderful condition and didn’t try to impose any sort of fee. After nearly 70 years, they were just grateful that the book was back in their hands. The spine was a little worn, but the most exciting part was the that book came with the library’s due-date card! 5.2a32Many people calculated that if the library had accounted for inflation, the fine would be a lot closer to $5,000 instead, but thankfully, the library knew that this book was taken out a lifetime ago. So much had changed. She had taken the book out on loan as just a girl, and its a wonder that she brought it back at all!

The moral of this story? Pay attention to those due dates, but never give up your love of reading! I wonder if she remembers taking the book from the library? After nearly 70 years, it may not be a memory that sticks out among the rest. In any case, it is fun to see the date card and the book that survived nearly a century!

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