This Letter Was Delivered Correctly…Despite No Name Or Address On The Envelope!

Búðardalur, Iceland is a village with a population of around 260 people. The small area contains a supermarket, a gas station, a flower shop, a few hair salons, a pub/restaurant, an information center/coffee shop, a health care center, a garage and a small craft shop that doubles as a tourist location to buy homemade craft items.

They also have a campsite that is open during the summertime when tourists tend to visit! In a country that has a total population of under 700, it is easy to see why a letter may get to the recipient without having to know much about them.

There is still a party line telephone system in place…that means anyone in the area could listen in to your phone call! Although in recent years, they have been able to upgrade.

So when one person wanted to send a letter to a specific house, they didn’t need to include much! The postman knows all of the people in the area (and probably who is visiting who), so a rough map and a description of the recipient was more than enough to get the letter where it needed to go!People who have lived in Iceland before agree that the location of a farm is more important to the postman than the names of the people who live there. Since there is only one supermarket and probably only one Danish woman who works there, it was easy to track down the actual address!

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