This Laundromat Donated Over 60 Hours To Clean Clothing For Homeless Families. His Story Is Incredible!

75 families were staying in a shelter for homeless families that is run by a nonprofit organization. While it gives the families a temporary place to stay, it provides little else. You might not think about it, but having to budget for laundry every week can eat into even the tightest budget if you don’t have a washing machine. Clean clothes are a priority, especially for families raising young children. And these families generated a LOT of laundry…over 5,000 pounds according to Samuel Van De Cruze!


While Van De Cruze opens a new laundromat in Queens, New York, he is a formal social worker and knew the struggles of these shelter residents. He decided to do something incredible over a holiday weekend, “in the spirit of Easter,” he said.

He picked up and dropped off loads of laundry for over 60 hours, saving each family upwards of $30! For a family struggling with basic necessities and even if it was just for one week, they were able to breathe a little easier.

Food, diapers, and bus passes can be bought with a lighter heart for many of these families, and they are very grateful for this kind man’s donation! Even just wearing clean clothes can make anyone feel like “somebody,” and it’s a practical donation that goes farther than any luxuries like toys or items for the home.

These families appreciated the donation and were able to save just a bit of money thanks to his incredible generosity.

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