This Labrador Is A “Baby Whisperer” And People Are In Love!

Anyone who has been around a newborn knows that they aren’t always sure what they need – but they need it now! Food, cuddles, a dry diaper, a warm blanket or a cool breeze…leaving most parents to guess until they get it right. Not only is it beyond exhausting, it can be frustrating! But Peanut the Lab seemed to know exactly what this crying newborn needed…and it wasn’t food!

Peanut heard the wails of the tiny baby, and mom knew to take out her phone – someone needed to document their dog’s incredible gift! – and wait. Sure enough, Peanut perked up at the baby’s cries and immediately came to investigate…

Peanut put his nose near the baby…11-16a11And began to lick and nuzzle the little baby! Immediately, the cries stopped as Peanut snuggled the newborn, cuddling up to the little hands and (probably) whispering the baby back to sleep!11-16a12With just a few nudges, Peanut had calmed the baby and showed mom that he was on her side. Not all dogs are so quick to come to a baby’s rescue, but Peanut sure is! Some dogs will simply ignore the cry of a baby, or head into another room to escape the noise, but not Peanut! For that reason, the images are going viral.

Peanut the Baby Whisperer is melting hearts (and calming babies!) one view at a time! Too precious!


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