This Kitty Had A Curious Eye…But Then They Realized The Extent Of It!

This dapper fellow was affectionately named Dudley Dewclaw by the employees of a tire shop that found him struggling to survive. He was a pariah among the other strays and alley cats, constantly fighting and losing, never able to find more than a few nibbles of food at a time. The employees watched him for a while, and eventually, they were able to help him out.

They cared for Dudley and slowly realized that he was struggling so much because he was actually blind! They wanted to help, but knew that they wouldn’t be able to give him the care that he truly needed to be as happy as possible.They managed to lure and trap Dudley into a pet carrier with the help of a dedicated woman from a local pet sanctuary. She brought Dudley to the vet for a check-up where they discovered that Dudley had one detatched retina and one pupil that never formed correctly at birth. There wasn’t much that they could do to help him except to give him love and cuddles!

Once he became used to his foster home, he began to come out of his shell. He started returning the affection showed to him by his temporary humans and even started to play with the toys that they had given him!

He’s well on his way to recovery and hopes to find a forever home soon!

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