This Kitten Was Found In The Rain Under A Dumpster…And Became A Crime-Fighter Over Night!

With screen names like “BaconOpinion” and “DonutOperator,” you know that this is one officer who knows what life is about. Laughing when things are funny and getting serious when it matters, he cares about the world around him in a fairly hilarious manner.

So when officers on patrol found this kitty under a dumpster, they knew that it would need extra love and care. Officer Garrett stepped up and offered to take him, and the two became best palls almost instantly!

My new partner is kind of a puss.”

5.4a40This officer is not alone in caring for his new kitten! Fellow adopted cat, Toothless, had recently given birth and was more than happy to adopt the little furball! 5.4a41They nurse together, play together, and when officer Garrett goes on duty, he takes the kitten with him. He’s not surprised that animals keep ending up in his life!5.4a42Aside from the rescued stray, he had come to the aid of many different animals! A blind dachshund was also saved from the streets and brought to a shelter by the helpful officer. The stray animals of South Carolina are safe when he’s on patrol. 5.4a43

Who wouldn’t want to be pulled over if the cops all had kittens for partners? “Keep your paws where I can see them!” This little kitten is just one of the many animals saved by officer Garrett, and he probably won’t be the last! He’s just too cute!

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