This Kitten May Have Looked A Little Funny, But Four Years Later…Well, He’s Pretty Darn Cute!

Mr. Magoo, a 14-ounce kitty, was discovered hiding under a deck in Canada with two siblings and his mother, but he wasn’t doing very well. The tiny kitten could barely eat, his tongue hung out of his mouth, and his eyes were just a bit too large for his head. When he was brought to an animal hospital, they diagnosed him with a lower jaw deformity and a slightly misshaped skull. Other than that…he was perfectly fine!

One of the vet technicians from the hospital fell in love with his adorable “smile” and took him home to help him recover. She realized quickly that he couldn’t open his mouth to eat food and ended up needing to feed him wet canned food instead. As he grew, it became apparent that nothing would hold him back from living his best life. Curious, excited, and cuddly, Mr. Magoo was never far off from an adventure. Although his mouth doesn’t work quite like it should, it doesn’t stop him from stealing human food and enjoying a nice treat now and then.  The adorable cat has gained a rather large following on social media as nearly 40,000 people are in love with his precious little face!One of his favorite things to do? Dress up for his fans! Who couldn’t love such a precious little face?

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