This Kitten Followed A Man Home And Wouldn’t Leave. Four Years Later, He’s Found A Forever Home!

In 2012, a man from America was working in Kenya with a non-profit organization. He was living near a slum in a small room and didn’t have much to share, but when he realized that he had gained a little friend, he just couldn’t say ‘no’ to that inquisitive face.

He named “her” Nala because until a few months had passed, he thought his little kitten friend was a girl. When he realized his mistake, the name had already stuck – Nala the boy kitten had already become a good friend!Most of the kittens that he had seen around the area were very skinny and extremely frail, but Nala was always energetic. He couldn’t find any pet supplies in the village he was staying in, but he was able to find cat food and even found a litter box at one point.¬†

Kenyans are always so shocked at how healthy and affectionate Nala is when they see him. It is true that most family cats aren’t really considered to be pets, but serve primarily to kill mice and rats.” He wrote.

When his project ended, he decided that he couldn’t leave Nala behind. He took her to the vet, got all of his¬†paperwork in order, and brought him home to America!

Nala took to his new home with ease, and he’s got a crazy story to tell when people ask where he got his name!

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