This Kitten Couldn’t Use His Limbs And Spent Life On The Ground. A Kind Soul Found Him And Wouldn’t Give Up!

No one is sure how this little quadriplegic kitten ended up on the sidewalk, but one thing they do know is that a kind stranger saved his life that day. Left to die between her house and an abandoned home, the woman was shocked to discover the animal in a dire state. In fact, she picked up the phone and called her local rescue shelter, Tenth Life, to tell them about the kitten she had found. When the rescuer arrived, the woman was sure that the kitten had died because he wasn’t moving at all.

She touched his limbs and realized that they were stiff…but when she touched his head, he moved around to try and see her. She rushed him to the vet for x-rays and tests!
The kitten’s legs weren’t broken and he was able to feel touch…he simply couldn’t move them. The vet confirmed that either the kitten’s spine or brain had been injured. The only thing left to do was wait.

The rescuers set up a routine to help the kitten along. They placed a plate of food at his head to let him practice movement and propped him up with towels to let his legs move about without much effort.

His rescuer named him Lincoln, and one day while she was stroking his fur…one paw moved!Slowly, Lincoln was able to move his legs. It was a miracle!

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Five years after he was found motionless on the sidewalk, he is able to move freely as if he’d never been injured at all!Images via, via, via, via

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