This Kid’s Menu At A Local Deli Is Something EVERY Restaurant Needs To Do!

The Front Street Deli in Altoona, PA is making parents everywhere giggle at their kid’s menu. When the family heads out to a restaurant, it isn’t always a peaceful affair. They might be taking a break from cooking, running late after a big event, or out to celebrate a birthday…but one thing that many kids seem to have in common? They never know what they want to eat, and usually change their minds after they’ve ordered!

This deli has made it easier on the parents that walk into their restaurant. While most kids love french fries, the actual meal may vary, so these clever owners have come up with a genius way around the problem.9-27a13With this easy menu, parents can order for their kids without having to guess! The kid will be happy with fries (probably) and parents can focus on their own orders in no time at all! Many parents have decided to adopt a similar method of ordering meals for their kids, sharing their tips and tricks with other parents.

I always order my kids a burger. If they don’t want a burger, they’re quick to pipe in and tell me what they actually want. Having a default order makes it easier on everyone, and 6¬†out of 10 times, they’re happy.” One parent wrote.

Hey, what better odds can a parent hope for, right? We think that more shops should try this method out!


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