This Kiddie Obstacle Course Is SO Easy To Make, And The Kids Will LOVE It!!

When the weather warms up, you’ll want the kids to play outdoors as much as possible! Not only will it keep them from singing “I’m boooored~” throughout the day, but it will tire them out for bedtime since there is no school to keep them occupied. While it would be nice to be able to take them out to the beach, the zoo, or an amusement park everyday, let’s be real…no one has the budget for that! So, sometimes you have to get creative!

This dad put his imagination to work and created a super fun obstacle course for the kids using only a few items! They loved it, he loved it, and when it is his turn to watch the neighborhood kids, they’ll have fun playing out doors.

7.7a15This list isn’t all-inclusive. If you want to add pool activities or a sprinkler game, go ahead! If it’s too hot outside, adding water to the mix will really make this activity a blast! 7.7a16Use the sticks to anchor the pool noodles into place. The sticks pierce right through the foam, so you can create any kind of course that the kids think is cool!7.7a17Line them up, or depending on your yard, a winding track. The more noodles, the better your course!7.7a18Create a “tire” course with noodles taped into circles, or make a unique game of hop-scotch.7.7a20A ring toss, perhaps? How fun!7.7a19The end result is up to you! The kids will have so much fun, and you didn’t even have to leave the house!

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