This Kid Wrote A Letter About Her Family. Her Parents Have Never Been More Proud!

The moments when we are able to see how our children see the world around them are special. Rare, of course, but special nonetheless. We try our best to teach them right from wrong. We want them to learn to appreciate the people in their lives and appreciate the things that they are given. Based on their behavior sometimes, it seems like the things we say go in one ear and straight out the other…

But one parent discovered (in the sweetest way possible) that their lessons were sticking!


      Families are always important. It doesn’t matter how much they buy you presents, or how much they give you birthday partys. Families are inportant because they love you so much. They also give you education, and brothers and sisters play with you all the time. Parents and grandparents always do their best to keep you safe. They spend alot of their night wide awake to keep you very safe. They scold you so you can be an inportant family member and be a great parent to a child of your own. They are also very inportant to me by not letting me play video games on weekdays and only on weekends. They make me study for tests and they make me do my homework correctly. I think the thing that is super special and inportant about family is their love. They love you just the way you are! [sic]”

And the part that is most adorable? The repeated use (and misspelling) of “inportant.” It’s absolutely precious! Her letter embodies everything that we want our kids to value about life. Family, friendship, and love are some of the best things about being human, and this little girl is well on her way to finding that ever-elusive “meaning of life!”

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