This Kid Writes Home To Ma And Pa On The Farm About Life In The Marines…HILARIOUS!

Farm life is TOUGH! There’s a lot of work to be done every day. It’s hard work, too. Sleeping in just isn’t done, and meal times are usually a marathon. I stayed on my uncle’s farm for a few summers when I was younger, and I can tell you that it is no joke! The chores are difficult but always worth it in the end, and I lived for auntie’s fresh blackberry pies at the end of the summer! Well, I can just imagine a kid who grew up on a farm like that joining the military, and this letter is hilarious!


Ooh! I was not expecting that twist! I remember shooting squirrels out of the pecan trees with a BB gun, and waking up at 4am was pretty much considered “sleeping in.” Did you grow up on a farm? If so, was it anything like Alice described? I don’t know about feeding the hogs, but I do remember that dinner every night seemed like a holiday dinner to me!

This letter might not be very accurate, but it sure made me laugh to get to the bottom. I would imagine that the training for the Marines is actually very intense, but this is just a story!

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