This Kid Sprayed Windex On A Man’s Car Without Asking, But His Response Is Not What Anyone Expected!

If you don’t have this problem in your city, then this is a good chance to learn about what other people go through on a daily basis. In poorer areas, children will stand on street corners and beg for money. It is also common for them to try and “encourage” donations by doing something for a driver without asking, such as dusting their car off with a rag or cleaning a windshield. This can be aggravating to most drivers and can cause a lot of anger in others. When this driver was approached by a young boy who employed such tactics, he justĀ hadĀ to write out this post of Facebook…


I used to be this little boy….”


This man was upset at first…until he realized that these children were trying to do the same thing that he used to do. They were causing accidents, vandalizing the streets, running with the “wrong crowd” or stealing from shops. They were out there in the streets getting growled and cursed at. They never stopped trying, no matter how many drivers cursed them for their efforts. It changed my perspective of these children. Although I may not always have spare change, I will always thank them and wish them a good day.

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