This Kid Sold ALL Of His Newspapers With One Hilarious Trick! Clever!

This kid bought his newspapers like he did every morning and tried to decide what he would say to passers by. He’d need to sell all of them in order to put dinner on the table that night, but there was absolutely nothing in the papers that was interesting! It had been a rather boring week, he suspected, as the front headline had something to do with new zoning laws. Blech. Then he looked again…this was YESTERDAY’S paper! The paper must not have finished in time for this day’s news! Who would buy THAT?! (Not me!) So he took it upon himself to come up with his own plan…I’ll admit, it worked pretty well!


This kid took marketing to a whole new level! It’s not illegal, per se, but it sure is sneaky! When there isn’t anything to talk about, CREATE something to talk about! If this had happened to me, I probably would have just laughed and went along with my day. It’s true, “51 people swindled” was now a headline all thanks to this genius little boy! I might have tried to sell one of the smaller stories inside as a headline, but this kid took the cake! Would you have continued on your way, or demanded your money back?

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