This Kid Offered To Carry Groceries In Exchange For Donuts. Now? He Can Start His Own Business!

In Memphis, a teenager approached a stranger in a grocery store parking lot with an odd request. In exchange for money to buy food, he asked the man if he could carry his groceries to the car for him. He expected a few bucks at the most, and a “no” at the least…but what happened next was something that he never, ever expected!

The boy’s name is Chauncey Black, and his mother is disabled and cannot work. In order to buy food and pay the rent, Chauncey offers his services in exchange for donations. He can mow grass, weed gardens, walk dogs, and is willing to do just about everything in order to keep a roof over his mother’s head and food in their stomachs.

Chauncey had driven across town to the grocery store to the “rich people’s Kroger” and asked the man, Matt White, simply for donuts – the cheapest and most filling thing – but the man immediately grabbed a grocery cart and went isle by isle in the store, having Chauncey pick out roughly a week’s worth of groceries.

Because he ended up shopping for so long, he missed the bus back to his home.¬†Matt offered to drive him…and when he helped bring the groceries inside, he realized just how difficult Chauncey’s life was.

Matt started a fundraiser for Chauncey and his mother…and community blew it out of the water. Matt asked for $250 to buy Chauncey a lawn mower so that he could start his own business.6.27a16

The public has since raised $288,000 instead. They want to get Chauncey into a good home and give him the chance to make something of his life. He plans to study business once he graduates high school, and can’t believe how many people just want to see him succeed.

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