This Kid Is Finally Old Enough To Drink With His Dad…But Not In The Way That Anyone Would Want To :(

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. No matter if they have just been born or were in their late 90s, it will always feel “too soon” for them to have left us. In any scenario, we wish we had had just one more day. One more experience. There were so many things we could have done, but didn’t. We’ve all got lists that could go on for miles of the things we’d do if we got our loved ones back for even one day! For this kid, grabbing a drink at the pub with dad was on the list…

Last bill my Dad had but never got the chance to spend. Carried it with me for 2 years until I could buy my first legal beverage. Cheers to you, big guy. Thanks for picking up the tab.”


It’s a bittersweet moment between the two. “Dad” bought the first drink…2 years after his death. While dad might not be there to share the moment, we’re all glad that this picture ended up online. It’s sweet, and in a way, it honors the father’s memory in a special way! If dad was there, he would have certainly used that $5 to buy the first drink. How sweet 🙂

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