This Judge Is Pulling His Hair Out When He Tries To Ask A Woman One Simple Question! Too Funny!

Have you ever had a friend that you just could not communicate with? I had one back at one of my first jobs. He took EVERYTHING literally, and whether it was intentional or not, it made it very difficult to have a normal conversation with him that didn’t split off into several different tangents before it was over. While I can understand this guy’s frustration with his wife, I am a little confused as to how they got married in the first place if he couldn’t keep up a conversation. Read this story and see for yourself!


And you know what? It’s really not entirely her fault. She answered every single question that the judge asked her with a lot of detail! I’m sure she was just as confused as he was, too. She was probably thinking, “why is the judge asking my about my garage door?! I’m here to talk about my divorce!” Learning to read between the lines is something that can’t really be taught, and for some reason, this wife just thinks a lot differently than everyone else does!

Hey, maybe it would help if they started texting each other instead of speaking. I bet it would be easier for her to follow along if she were reading these questions instead! Who knows…

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